As the heir to the Lamborghini Empire, Tonino Lamborghini’s visionwas to create a brand that would redefine his family’s historicalvalues and symbolism.

Tonino Lamborghini Mare Nostrum is a match made in partnershipheaven. Sharing many similar values such as an emphasis on Family,dedication to excellence, and savoir-faire, the partnership will focuson elevating both brands by leveraging what they do best fromdesign, and food to providing an exceptional experience everytime.


Russel Treadwell


Russell Treadwell brings 20 years of experience in Operations, Business Development, and Procurement as CEO of Fendale Logistics. Some of his hospitality projects are 670grams restaurant Michelin Star in the UK and Dubai projects such as Palm Bay on the Palm. He’s currently based in the Middle East Region providing an excellent knowledge of wide and varied market sectors within the regions as well as the Far East, and the Indian sub-continent. Russell is able to express the entrepreneurial spirit required to lead and succeed whilst offering dynamic business solutions. Both Alex and Russell share the same passion and drive for starting and growing businesses that are disruptive in their respective industries.

Alex Blahyj


Alex has a strong entrepreneurial background with a vast experience in the manufacturing, retail, and logistics industries. He launched his logistics company, Fendale Logistics in 2016, which has developed into a global business with offices in Asia, the Middle East, and the UK. He has a proven track record in securing well-known brand names through reliable, flexible services, and transparent communications. A keystone to this success is Alex’s passion for people, both staff and customers alike, with a belief that people are central to any successful long-term venture. Empowering staff and working in close partnership with customers has always been a crucial factor to his businesses.


To create a sophisticated dining experience within a rustic/authentic setting offering the very best Italian Tapas The aim is to catapult Tonino Lamborghini Mare Nostrum into the Dubai scene as an up-and-coming, elegant, and classy restaurant, pool, and bar and as an all-in-one go-to spot in West Beach The Palm.


Sydney de Hart

Chef Sydney de Hart brings 16 years of luxury culinary experience to the role. A committed, determined and passionate chef, he previously worked in the Top 5 best Fine Dining restaurants in Beijing, received more than 15 awards and reached to TripAdvisorNR12 best Fine Dining restaurants of the World. As Executive Chef, he will oversee the entire kitchen operations at Tonino Lamborghini Mare Nostrum and will create and deliver memorable dining experiences through a new culinary approach.

“My motto is to cook from the heart and to love what you do so guests will experience these in my food. I have mastered and created my own style of cooking techniques throughout my career and this is what I will implement in the restaurant”.


Sidney Visser

General Manager

Establishing his career in the early 2000, Sidney Visser has become one of the most successful concept developers and innovative operators within the UAE industry. Over the course of more than a decade, Sidney has opened and/or operated around Tenerife, South Africa, Bali and Dubai including some of the city’s highest-profile, such as Zero Gravity, Soho Beach, Soho Garden and lifestyle stand alone concepts.
Sidney has demonstrated success and was recognized with almost 20 industry awards for pioneering concepts, unique events and being the best beach club.

I strongly believe in leading through people and creating an effective team that “lives the brand” and that’s what I will do being General Manager for Tonino Lamborghini Mare Nostrum.

Alex Mcnally

General Manager

Alex Mcnally brings to Tonino Lamborghini Mare Nostrum a successful track record and over10 years of experience spanning Australia, England and Dubai. Alex was inspired to work and travel internationally, and he joined the prestigious luxury Jumeirah Hotels. He also managed the award-winning café Tom&Serg in Dubai.

I always been passionate about hospitality, the connections with guests, the buzz of a busy restaurant, and coming up with innovative ideas and menus. Assigned as General Manager, i will be hardworking, efficient and a great mentor to the team.